Fight for Sophia (Youth)
Fight for Sophia (Youth)
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Fight for Sophia (Youth)

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Fight For Sophia

ALL of the proceeds go to Sophia and her family.



Sophia got her life saving liver transplant on November 5, 2021 at Seattle Childrens Hospital. Unfortunately she almost immediately went into rejection, forcing us to stay inpatient and away from home for 3 months. A lot has happened from the time we had her transplanted to today. She most recently had a reconstructive surgery done on her new liver to hopefully get things going in the right direction. It took a pretty big hit when she fought 2 different types of rejection and multiple infections, a week after transplant. We were inpatient that time for 2 weeks. At the end of the month(May 31), we go back to Seattle Children's to have another liver biopsy done and a biliary drain removal/replacement. That biopsy will show if the reconstructive surgery has held. If not, then we face the agony of having to have yet another liver transplant and Sophia's life will be put at risk yet again. We appreciate every one of you and all of your support!

From sophia's mother Kelly Cunningham
As most of you know, our little princess Sophia has had a VERY difficult run at life. She was diagnosed with a rare and life threatening liver disease called Biliary Atresia at 9 weeks old, amongst other illnesses and diagnosis. A few short days after the diagnoses she underwent multiple tests and biopsies and a major surgery called a Kasai Procedure, where an estimated 80% fail as it did for Sophia. This was supposed to help her liver until she was old enough and strong enough to get a liver transplant. Unfortunately, the blood test results from today have shown that her liver is degrading at a rapid rate and is now worse than it was when this all started in October of 2020. Her liver panel levels have literally skyrocketed and her bilirubin level is higher than it was before she recieved the procedure. Meaning that something is going to have to happen and FAST. This has taken such a huge toll on us financially, emotionally, and mentally. No one wants this to happen to their baby and we can't help but sit and wonder "why her". We have created this fundraiser to help with expenses for the trip to Seattle, food, hotel stay until approved for Ronald McDonald's Housing (is approved), gas, rental car, and any help we can get honestly. Because depending on what we get told by her doctors, that transplant is going to happen and fast. Either that or they will do a redo of the same procedure. Any way you look at it, I will not be working for an extended period and dad will be losing mass amounts of hours due to being in Seattle with the baby and I. I suffer from severe anxiety and there is no way that I can face this by myself. The first time was hard enough with him having to work while I stayed alone with her at the hospital. I wish I could take all her pain away and have it be my own. Again. Anything you can do to help assist us is tremendously appreciated and every little bit helps. This little angel has proven her self time and time again to be a fighter! She deserves a happy healthy life!
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